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Katharine Kaye McMillan works in the sweet spot of psychology and interior design and home decorating. She studies how people interact with their environments. Her interest currently relates to her system of personal development using Emotion ReDesign, based on cutting-edge psychological science and human factors research. 

She guides people on designing their lives and interiors using design thinking and emotion redesign principles to empower, beautify, and promote personal style & branding. She is an Emotion ReDesign Coach, Consultant, I-O Psychologist and author of 12+ books on design and decorating. 

Emotion ReDesign for Your Home : 10+ Ways to Refresh Your Rooms & Life 

Stop stressing and start decorating! 

Your home is key to health, wealth, happiness, and personal development. Find out how to (re)design for your well-being, creativity, productivity, and harmony. 


Color Rx: What’s your best shade for living? 

Color drives your mood, changes your behavior, and helps you achieve your desired outcomes. Find out how to boost happiness, spark creativity, and quicken decision-making. Tips for your finding your perfect color profile. 

Home Decorating w/ For Dummies Author(s)

 Go beyond the trends to discover the principles you need to decorate with confidence. Tips on developing personal style, space planning, determining your needs. 

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Katharine Kaye McMillan appears as keynote speaking and sometimes teams with her designing partners.

Her mother| co-author Patricia Hart McMillan and she conduct  seminars, workshops, and events on decorating and design. 

Architect David Strahan and Katharine Kaye McMillan appear as keynote speakers on branditecture (branded architecture), architecture of emotion, and personal development by design. 

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