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Your high quality, high impact book is waiting to be written. 

You have a purpose and a passion. You have a mission and a message. 

If you have been wanting to write for years, now is the time to take action. Book your complementary session by phoning or texting 210-410-4632. 

Get Writing Today

  • Consultation, $150 per hour 
  • Expert Consultation, $250 per hour
  • Coaching, $600 per month with weekly sessions 
  • Hybrid Coaching Book Project, $10,000
  • Ghosting your expert book, $15,000 (30,000 words) to $60,000 (80,000 words)
  • Book Pat, pathartmcm@gmail.com 
  • Book Kat, drkat@katharinemcmillanphd.com, call/text 210-410-4632. 

Real Results, Real Fast

  • A  Designer/Retailer trying for 10 years to write a book fielded an offer from a publisher within days. 
  • A Franchiser started writing her memoir with a message that she'd been thinking about for 3 years immediately after retaining us as hybrid coach. 
  • A Photographer who had been dreaming of her book since childhood landed her first picture book deal in 14 days when she decided to co-author with us. 
  • An Entrepreneur/consultant searching for years for a clear path forward finally had a title, book concept, and an action plan after a single session. 
  • A Millennial trying to write her memoir was plagued by debilitating procrastination until she signed with us. 


Q. How do I best work with you? 

A. We offer customized solutions to fit your goals and your book publishing budget. We can figure out what works for your project, personality, and budget with a 30 minute complementary consultation. 

Q. Can you help me figure out what kind of book I should write? 

A. We can help you figure out exactly what kind of book to write to help you take your business or personal ambitions to the next level. We are recognized strategy experts and authorities in writing for business, the arts, and sciences. 


Q. What are some of the biggest mistakes people make with their first book? 

A. Some authors have too many ideas but no clear organizing theme or strategic thinking about their book. Too many ideas produces confusion that causes the writer to miss the mark. The project might stall. Worse yet, thanks to self-publishing, the writer might publish this mash-up and watch sales fall off and negative reviews pile up.