Books by Katharine McMillan PhD

Contemporary Villas

modern, contemporary architecture, interior design

Explore over 40 contemporary villas by today's most creative architects.  560 gorgeous color photos and plans.  All who are fascinated by contemporary architecture, with its new regard for Nature as design partner, will treasure this book. 

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Old Places, New Spaces


Remodeled, renovated, and sometimes repurposed, these living spaces share a sensitivity to the past and dynamic engagement in San Antonio's future. 545 color photos and illustrations. This book is a treasure to all who enjoy architecture. 

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Home Decorating For Dummies

home decorating for dummies, interior design

 "This guide will prepare you with the basic recipes you will need to make your interior more pleasurable."
– Karim Rashid, Famous Designer 

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Christmas at Designers' Homes

Christmas decorating, interior design,

Be inspired by nearly 400 color photographs of designers' decorating strategies and hands-on ingenuity while gleaning insider tips for preserving trees and caring for ornaments. 

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Christmas at Historic Houses

Christmas decorating, museum, historic house, interior design

History is brought to life in many historic houses, especially at Christmas time, when special decorations help to welcome the social season and visiting guests. Over 420 color photos, 30 specially decorated houses and magnificent estates. 

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Designing & Living with Glass Tile

kitchen design, bath design, glass tile, interior design

Glass tile brings any room to life and  add  surprising depth, creating a sense of openness. Over 290 beautiful color photos. 

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