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Comprehensive program analysis and creative change implementation solutions that help organizations effectively transform to achieve their business improvement goals. 


Organizational Psychologist | Program Re-design Consultant 

I am an Industrial-Organizational Psychologist with a talent for building relationships within organizations and using design process thinking to transform opportunity into executable strategies that power program change and become a foundation for growth. 

I have educated, and motivated thousands of people across the country as a Speaker and Media Tour Spokesperson to change how they design their lives, homes, and enhance their well-being.


§ Authored 3x FOR DUMMIES® books, co-authoring over a dozen books on design, and hundreds of informative, engaging columns and articles on design and designers/influencers. 

§ Conducted analysis that succeeded in defining psychological, cognitive, and personally relevant factors that contribute to performance success in education and training programs and long term stressors associated with high-stress occupations.

§ Launched a workgroup that identified gaps in healthcare services, coordinated training sessions and disseminated findings that improved access to and the quality of health care for patients

§ Consulted and lead successful product launches and accompanying media coverage by developing Marketing and Public Relations Programs for medical devices, home furnishings and accessories, optical products and eyewear, home builders and architects, electronics and entertainment. 


§ ROLES: Lead Psychological Scientist, Business Development and Branding Consultant

§ ORGANIZATIONS: UT Health, VA, USAF School of Aerospace Medicine, US Army Research Laboratory, Palm Beach Post, Florida Design


§ EDUCATION: PhD in Social Cognitive Psychology, Florida Atlantic University, BA, History, University of Texas at Austin


§ COMMUNITY SERVICE: LLS Man of the Year, MissionPossible 360, Bosque Arts Center

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Boost Social Networks

Redesigning your organization by leveraging the power of social networks increases coordination. 

Discover the Gaps

Conducting qualitative |mixed methods studies can help develop actionable information to improve delivery of services. 

Gain Insights

Selecting the right survey instruments can predict how your clients, patients, and potential customers will behave.